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SharePoint Connectors and Destination Source Data Flow task for SSIS.
SSIS is one of the widely used ETL tool which helps in moving data from one storage to another.
SharepointOnline Connectors will allow users to connect to sharepoint online and fetch data from any list and push it in either SQL or any data destination that SSIS Supports.
SharePointOnline Destination will allow user to push data in sharepoint list, source could be any source data storage type that SSIS supports.

Current Bugs (Can say glitches)
  • Performance is not best as it opens connection to share point online multiple time, will try to make it more performance efficient in next release.
  • Uses Internal Names for mapping purpose, so names such time could be confusing. In Next release most probably it will be using Display names.
  • Need to click on refresh button for any meta data refresh (change in list name, user name, password or share point url)
So if you don't see anything in column mapping do click refresh.

Please Provide your feedback and feature request for features you think this components are missing.

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